Brittanicca & Ella Quartz

Waters’ Specialty Countertops, located in Shreveport, Louisiana is currently showcasing a beautiful new collection of Cambria Quartz. These 2 new colors are sure to give your kitchen or bathroom remodel or brand new design a clean and bright finish! Contact Waters’ Specialty Countertops to order Brittanicca or Ella quartz from Cambria today! Or come visit the largest marble and granite yard in the area to see these beautiful pieces in person.

Brittanicca2 Brittanicca Grand and majestic in stature, Brittanicca calls to mind the great rivers that flow through the United Kingdom with the many villages and cities dotted along their banks under a canopy of soft-gray skies.
Ella_Inspiraton Ella_Inspiraton2 Taking its cue from the linear configuration of buildings
in the village of Ellastone, Ella features a lattice of lines and intersections embedded in a marbled dove-gray background.